Battle of Adwa 1896

In March of 1896 a massive, battle-tested Ethiopian army routed an invading force and brought Italy’s war of conquest to an end. In an age of relentless European expansion, Ethiopia had successfully defended its independence; in doing so, it cast doubt upon an unshakable certainty of the age—that sooner or later all Africans would fall under the rule of Europeans.

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Not everything a historian creates in the course of research makes it into print. Some things are “born digital” and can only find a home online. "Features" includes digital maps, an Adwa timeline, and information about the route of Ethiopia’s historic Adwa campaign.

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About the book

"About the book" leads to author interviews, reviews and commentary, as well as additional information about The Battle of Adwa: African Victory in the Age of Empire.

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Cataloguing sources is one of the things historians are trained to do. Such catalogs let readers know what sources the historian consulted. They also serve as a resource for scholars, present and future, who will bring their own questions to bear.